About Scicling

Scicling is a Public Engagement initiative to bring cutting-edge science, together with an enthusiastic scientist, to Secondary Schools across the globe. It aims to do so in a sustainable manner: cycling.

Scicling has been conceived by Dr. Alejandro Marín-Menéndez (Alex), an enthusiast about public engagement, and who has performed scientific research in Europe, Africa and Latin America. The main objective is to reach communities to discuss how new DNA-based technology is shaping our understanding of infectious diseases, allowing researchers and health personnel to track outbreaks and monitor antimicrobial resistance. Alex’s own personal journey is also inspiring, and he is a gifted and passionate communicator. He will speak from personal experience to describe the uniqueness of each career path, emphasising that attitude plays just as important a role as knowledge and skills.

Due to its integrating and dynamic public education system, the possibility to engage with a large number of secondary schools across different islands, and an excellent cycle path network, the Canary Islands seem to offer an ideal location to carry out a pioneering trial for this initiative. In this pilot study in Spring 2019, Alex aims to visit at least 12 schools, potentially engaging with over 500 students.

Important dates:

Alex’s tour starts in April 2019!

22nd April –  1st May : Lanzarote
2nd – 10th May :  Fuerteventura